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[, Fri, 23/02/18] Unsoed’s Faculty of Law sent their delegation to join Moot Court Competition (MCC) or a national quasi-court competition to win MahkamahAgung Cup, in Sriwijaya University Palembang. The »

[, Tue, 27/02/18] “Sustainable Supply Chain and Standards: Case Study in Africa”was the general lecture topic held by Magister Program of Agribusiness, Tuesday (20/02). The lecture »

[, Fri, 09/03/18] Unsoed’s Dentistry Department has committed to have professional graduates who are able to keep up with the development of science and technology. One effort is working with 3M and Cobra Dental in »

[, Mon, 26/2/18] To set the values of nationality to make Indonesia a peaceful prosperous country, Jenderal Soedirman University held DialogKebangsaan (Dialogue on Nationality) with the Minister of Research »

[, Sel, 13/03/18] Program Pascasarjana Universitas Jenderal Soedirman / UNSOED menyelenggarakan Pelepasan dan Pembekalan Wisudawan Pascasarjana yang diikuti sebanyak 73 Calon Wisudawan. Acara bertempat di Cafe »

[, Fri, 26/01/18] Unsoed’s Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (FISIP) welcomed a delegation from the Faculty of Humanities, Arts, and Heritage (FKSW) of University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS) on Wednesday [24/01 »