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[, Rab, 15/03/17), Held in Seminar Room of International Relation Department, Monday (13/3), the Department International Relation FISIP Unsoed held a general »

[, Kam, 16/03/17], Bringing up “Potensi dan Strategi Pemberdayaan Unggas Lokal yang Progresif dalam Penyediaan Produk Hewan Asuh (Aman,Sehat, Utuh, Halal) di Jawa Tengah” (Potency and Strategies of Progressive Local »

[, Kam, 16 Maret 2016], the Unsoed Dentistry seized the winner of the National Research Competition. This achievement is not the first time since this department has several time gained the first position in the previous competitions »

[, Tue, 21/03/17] Held in Hall Building of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Monday (20/3), a general lecture entitled “MemuliakanKembaliPolitikdanDemokrasi Kita” (Revenerating Our Politics and Democracy) »

[, Thu, 16/02/17] Agriculture is a significant aspect of national security especially Indonesia as an agricultural country. Members of Student Regiment (Menwa) »

[, Mon, 27/02/17] Jeniati Arinda, a student of Animal Science, was selected to representUnsoed in International Festival attended by talented students around the globe to commemorate the 100th years »