Berita Utama

[, Tue,13/10/15] Successfully doing technological transfer in chemical pesticides into bio-controller led the Unsoed Students Creativity (PKM)Team gained gold and silver medals in National Students Scientific Week (PIMNAS). In Kendari, South East Sulawesi, Friday, October 9, 2015. PKM Team led by FajarNugraha called their team as Paculproject. Bringing the theme ‘Empowering the farmer group of Gandatapa Village, Sumbang sub district, Banyumas Regency through bio-technological transfer to overcomeFusarium on Red Chilli’, Paculproject excellently presented their project and seized gold as well as silver medals for poster. FajarNugraha said, “We choose farmers who later move from chemical pesticides to bio-controller.” He explained that the long term use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides cause residual bank exceeding environmental support capability which is poisonous to soil.

Under being supervised by Prof Lukas Susanto as the expert of this field, The Pacul team actively gives counseling as well as directly joins farmers’ activity to overcomefusarium on red chilli by Trichoderma sp. “Trichodermasp is a microorganism living in the soil and wood substrate which is able to hamper plant-destroying fungi. By breeding technique of Trichodermasp, it helps maintain soil fertility and improve soil nutrition as well”, He said. Thus, Fajar and his team taught them how to make liquid and solid Trichoderma. They also distributed manual books for free.

The experiment conducted by this team showed the excellent result. Scoring done during 5 times of demplotchilli planting shows that trichodrema obviously hamper the attack of pathogenic fusarium. It can be proved that wilted plants with trichodrema is less than plants without trichoderma.

Compared to chemical pesticides, the application of trichoderma is much beneficial. Fajar said that the price of fungicides for the lowest disease pressure costs 128.000 rupiahs while Trichoderma only cost 1000 rupiahs for 500 ml/ha in one application. Therefore, the use of trichoderma is much cheaper than chemical pesticides until 1280%.