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To be an institution which excels in providing higher education and developing of legal sciences based on local wisdom and global competitiveness.




  • To provide education on Legal sciences in accordance with the academic standards and moral integrity in order to produce graduates who have a high competence, professionalism and global competitiveness;

  • To conduct researches to develop legal science relevant to the needs of national, regional and global development for the welfare of mankind;

  • To disseminate research results on Legal science through publications, action reviews and community services in order to encourage local wisdoms.


  • To improve the quality of the education process in order to produce graduates who have high competence, professionalism and global competitiveness;

  • To improve academic quality and professionalism of the lecturers’ and educational personnel;

  • To improve internal management performance in accordance with the development of global circumstances;

  • To improve the relevance between the education and the development of legal science to cope with increasing demands in community.

  • To enhance conducive academic atmosphere.


  • Improved relevance of study programs to the needs and demands of stakeholders;

  • Improved graduates’ competitiveness in global competition;

  • Improved efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the process of learning and educational management;

  • Improved conducive academic atmosphere;

  • Improved quality of the Faculty’s Information Management System;

  • Improved monitoring and evaluation system of education accountable for quality assurance;

  • Improved quality of academic staff and supporting staff;

  • Raised standards of academic quality;

  • Improved performance measurement and evaluation;

  • Increased function and role of normative agency at Faculty of Law;

  • Realization of Revenue Genetaring Unit and Revenue Genetaring Activities Unit (RGU, and RGA);

  • Increased community participation in funding higher education;

  • Increased dissemination of research results at national and international level

The establishment of the Faculty of Law UNSOED was preceded by the formation of a committee based on the decree of Jenderal Sudirman University Rector No. 022/PT30.Y/E.1979 to explore the possibility of establishing a faculty of Law. The committee held a consultation with Law faculties at several universities, such as University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, Diponegoro University and Gadjah Mada University. The rationale for the establishment of the Faculty of Law was the increasingly urgent need for Law scholars.

Based on the results of the consultation, the Committee made a complete plan for establishing the Faculty of Law. Based on the letter of the Director of Academic Facility Development on behalf of the Director General of Higher Education on May 13, 1981, Faculty of Law Unsoed started accepting students for the academic year of 1981/1982. Furthermore, based on Presidential Decree No. 50/1982 the Faculty of Law officially became one of faculties at Jenderal Sudirman University.

Faculty of Law of Unsoed as an institution which provides academic education plays an important role in pursuing the country’s objectives in the field of law by producing professional and competent graduates. Therefore, the planning and development of study programs is its main concern to continuously improve its quality.

Policies concerning with the development of Law Study Programs are based on systematic and strategic considerations which include (1) Vision (2) Mission (3) Goals and objectives (4) Internal and external circumstances that affect the achievement of the vision, mission and objectives and (5) Development plan.

Faculty of Law managed to maintain accreditation "A" by Decree No.030/BAN-PT/Ak-XII/S1/XII/2010 dated December 10, 2010 from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT).

This reflects the quality of the performance of the faculty’s components, including 80 teaching staff  who belong to 8 divisions i.e. Civil Law, Criminal Law, Procedural Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, International Law, Law and Society and The Basics of Law.