Alumni and International Relation Office

The Alumni and International Relation Office (AIRO)

AIRO UNSOED aims to assist the university in communicating the development of UNSOED to its alumni and internationalization programs. The functions of AIRO are as follows:

  • To provide information on international cooperation opportunities.

  • To provide information on overseas programs and fundings that are relevant with UNSOED internationalization programs.

  • To assist the development of cooperation between UNSOED and international institutions.

  • To  assist the management of international cooperation agreements.

  • To assist UNSOED students and academic staff to carry out activities related to UNSOED internationalization.

  • To assist welcoming program for visiting overseas guests or delegations.


More information on AIRO and its services can be obtained from:

The Alumni and International Relation Office (AIRO) Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

Jl. Prof. Dr. HR Boenjamin 708 Telp/Fax :  +62 (281) 638795

Email   :

Website :