To implement quality culture based on the international university standards for the development local wisdoms.


  • Developing learning system

  • Developing quality assurance system.

  • Improving the staff capacity, quality, and competence.


  1. Implementing the Competence based Curriculum.

  2. Improving learning quality through quality research and development.

  3. Integrating information and communication technology in learning.

  4. Improving lecturers’ professionalism.

  5. Meeting the quality standards.

  6. Providing SPM-PT to all study programs.

  7. Evaluating the implementation of SPM-PT.

  8. Increasing the number of professional lecturers.

  9. Improving the lecturers’ skills at integrating ICT in learning processes.

  10. Improving the lecturers’ substantive competence.


Trainings on

  1. Research Based Teaching Material Development.

  2. Blended Learning Plan Development.

  3. E-learning Based Teaching Material Development.

  4. Multimedia Based Teaching Material Development.

  5. Proposal Development on Multimedia Based Learning Method.

  6. Pekerti

  7. AA PLUS


  9. Professionalism Development for Administrative and Academic Staff

  10. SPM-PT for Faculty, Department, and Study Program Staff.

  11. Faculty, Department and Study Program SPM-PT Development.

  12. Multimedia Technical Mastery.

  13. Substantion

  14. Public Services

  15. Implementation of SPM-PT for Administrative Staff.

  16. AMAI and IKAD

  17. Study Program Accreditation Accompaniment.

  18. Lecturer certification.



Chairman : 

Dr.rer.nat. Imam Widhiono MZ, MS.

Secretary  :  

Drs. Sigit Wibowo DN, MM.

Head of Administration :  

Drs. Priyo Saptono, MM.

General Sub Division : 

Yusi Widiasih, S.Sos.

Poddasi Sub Division: 

Budiono, SH. 


LearningDevelopment Center



Ari Asnani, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Expert Staff: 

1. Ir. Ibnu Hari Sulistyawan, M.Sc.

2. Dr. Wiludjeng Trisasiwi, M.P.

QualityAssurance Center



Prof. Dr. Ir.Taswin  R  Tagama, M.S.

Expert Staff: 

1. Ir. Suparwi

2. Dr. Petrus Hary Tjahja S, M.S.

Educational Staff Development Center


Drs. Anwaruddin, M.Si.

Expert Staff: 

1. Prof. Dr. Paulus Israwan, M.S.

2. Dr. Eming Sudiana, M.Si.


Jl. Kampus No.1 Grendeng Purwokerto

Ph. +62 281 623824/638292

Pesawat  152, 238,

Fax. +62 281 631802;

E-mail: lp3k@unsoed.ac.id