UPT of UNSOED library supports the Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi implementation, consisting of education, teaching and community services. The library was established in January 1966, as instructed by the rector, in an 80 m2 room located on Jalan Pengadilan Purwokerto.

In 1978, the university main office was moved to a hall in Grendeng, north of Purwokerto. The library activities were conducted together with other administrative works in that building. At that time, the library was administered in a less than 50 m2 room. As the main office building completed in 1980, all administrations moved to the new building, except the library. Since then, the library managed its activities in a wider room, which was 364 m2. However, as the number of students and the book collections increased, the place was too small to accommodate the needs. In 1985, the library of UNSOED was moved into another larger building, which was a three story building in a land of 2400 m2wide.

Some people have served as the heads of the library since it was launched in 1966. Ibu Ema Oggosundjojo, Bapak Prof. Dr.Iswanto, SH., and Ibu Hartati Prawironoto were the library heads of the university from 1966 to 1983. Bapak Bambang Suprapto was the head of the library between 1983 and 1995. In April 1995, the head of the library was Bapak Indratmo Yudono. At the moment the head of the library is Bapak Chamdi, S.IP.


UPT of UNSOED library is a Technical Executive Unit on information services including collecting, maintaining, analyzing, applying and spreading information. The vision of the library is “to be an excellent IT based scientific center of information”.



  1. Providing communicative and scientific information resources related to teaching and learning processes, researches and community services.

  2. Providing up-to-date scientific publications in local, regional, national and international level in order to improve the quality of students and lecturers.

  3. Supporting lecturers, researchers, and students to use scientific publications and other library facilities for academic purposes.

  4. Performing quality services on scientific information by integrating Information Technology.

Service Information

1. Service Systems

UPT of UNSOED library implements an open access system for any references available in the library, where the users can choose their own choice of collections. As the consequence the library collections will get untidy after use. To overcome such problem, the library provides a special table, where customers can put the collections after being read. The readers do not need to put the books in the shelf. The library also use web based services with a barcode system.

2. Schedule

   a. Study room

       Monday - Thursday        : 07.30-13.45

       Friday                             : 07.30-10.45

       Saturday                         : 07.30-12.45

       Evening Services

       Tuesday - Thursday      : 14.00 - 18.00


   b. Circulation

      Monday - Thursday       : 08.00-12.30

       Friday                           : 08.30-10.30

       Saturday                       : 08.00-11.30

       Evening Services

       Tuesday – Thursday   : 14.00 - 18.00

   c. References, KKI, Magazines, and Thesis

      Monday - Thursday       : 08.00-12.45

      Friday                            : 08.30-10.30

      Saturday                         : 08.00-11.30

      No evening services

3. Services

  1. Circulation, with OPAC system. The searching uses diverse keywords: author, title, publisher, classification number, and subject.

  2. Reference, KKI, KKM  (S-1 and S-2 Thesis and Dissertation)

  3. Magazines and other publications services.

  4. CD-ROM, such as AGRICOLA, TEAL, Plan Pathology, Korean History and so on.

  5. Internet Services

  6. Photo copy Services

  7. Inter-Library Memberships (Layanan Anggota Kerjasama Antar Perpustakaan/FKP2T)

  8. Grey Literature (e-Doc) Electronic Document (Abstracts and Full Texts)