UNSOED Provides 1.570 Seats for SNMPTN

Prior to national university entry test (SNMPTN) on 1 February, UNSOED has prepared 1570 seats in 34 graduate study programs. Among those programs, 22 are of exact sciences (Agriculture, Biology, Animal Sciences, Medical and health Sciences, Science and Engineering) and 12 others are humanity sciences (Economics, Law, Social & Politics).   

In Agiculture Faculty the seats are shared by Agrotechnology (100), Agrobusiness (25), Agro-Engineering (30) and Food Science & Engineering (30) study programs. Meanwhile 100 seats are provided by Biology and 125 by Animal Sciences. Medical and Health Sciences Faculty UNSOED accepts 230 new students,  shared by Medical Science (50), Dentistry (25), Public Healthy (45), Nursing (45), Pharmacy (40) and Nutrition Science (25).  At Science & Engineering Faculty, there are 90 seats for Math and other natural sciences (Physics and Chemistry) and 160 shared evenly by Civil Engineering, Electronics, Geology and IT.  Meanwhile, 100 are available at Fishery and Aquatic Science.

For humanistic sciences, 180 seats are available for Management, Accounting and Developmental Study.  Law faculty accepts 150 students while Social and Political Sciences provides 275 seats, i.e. Sociology (50), Public Administration (38), Communication Science (38), Politics (30), International Relationship (25), Indonesian (30), English (40) and Japanese (25).

UNSOED is one of 61 state universities that conduct SNMPTN (national entry test) 2013. Different from the previous years, now SNMPTN is only for high school graduates who join national examination of 2013. It takes account not only the result of students’ written test but also their academic achievements during study time. They also have to register themselves at their schools before doing online registration.