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34 New Pharmacists From Pharmacy UNSOED Took Oath

[, Thu, 09/12/21] One of the elements that is related and becomes an inseparable part of health is the pharmacist profession. Medicines play a strategic role, both in the context of healing, restoring or creating physical and psychological conditions for the health of patients or clients in need. Pharmacists are the key and the heart of pharmaceutical activity. Pharmacists play a role in controlling, securing, providing including management, distribution and service to the community. Not only that, the pharmacist is actually also a scientist, where they also have an interest in developing the ingredients and quality of drugs, including traditional ones. This was conveyed by the Chancellor of Unsoed Prof.Dr.Ir.Suwarto MS in taking the oath of the Pharmacist Profession Class VIII Pharmacist Professional Education Program, Unsoed Faculty of Health Sciences, Thursday (09/12).

On this occasion, the Chancellor invited all pharmacists who had just been sworn in that day, to always update their knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical professionals. "In addition, pharmacists from Unsoed alumni should also have a mental attitude based on professional ethics, so that they always prioritize accountability in providing services in need," concluded the Chancellor.

Head of the PPPA Pharmacy Study Program FIKes Unsoed Dr.rer.nat Harwoko M.Sc.,Apt in his report said that the number of pharmacists who were sworn in that day were 34 students (8 males and 26 females). The graduation predicates are 2 students with the predicate "Satisfactory", 8 students with the predicate "Very Satisfactory", and 24 students with the predicate "With Praise". 34 new pharmacists, who were sworn in, have completed the learning process while at PPPA and successfully passed the Indonesian Pharmacist Competency Exam both CBT and OSCE methods. Noted as a graduate with the highest GPA was Melina Puspitarini S.Farm with a GPA of 3.98.

The taking of the Pharmacist profession oath was led by the Chairperson of the National Pharmacy apt.Drs.Purwadi MM.,ME. In his remarks he congratulated the New Pharmacists, who were sworn in on the day. He mentioned that the occupancy of the pharmacist profession in Puskesmas throughout the country has only reached 25 percent. For this reason, he hopes that the pharmacists who have just graduated will develop the health sector in their respective regions. "Who else will develop the area if not these pharmacist graduates. Immediately return to your hometowns, build the health sector there," he said.

Chairman of the Central Board of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) Drs. Nurul Falah Eddy Pariang said that in the community, the pharmacist profession has not been heard much until now. Because of that, to change the mindset of the community, according to him, pharmacists must have competencies starting from the mind to complying competencies.