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37 Communication Students Join MBKM IDUKA Network Internship Program

[, Mon, 14/03/22] Studying outside campus turns out to have its own charm, especially in the industrial, business world or work (IDUKA) which is in line with their scientific competence. There are 37 undergraduate Communication Studies students from Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) Unsoed who, in this semester, participated in the Independent Learning Internship Program at Merdeka Campus – MBKM in nine partner institutions / corporations which spread across Central Java and DKI Jakarta.

"Through this MBKM facilitation, students have the opportunity in this semester to fulfill learning outcomes in the form of internship learning activities that are recognized for a minimum of 20 credits through the conversion mechanism," said Study Program Coordinator, Dr. Wisnu Widjanarko, M.Sc., MIPR., CPR after the release of this program at the faculty level last weekend (11/3). Furthermore, he added, the support and facilitation from institutions, from the department, faculty, to university levels related to this program is very real, such as the study planning process in the academic information system, curriculum relaxation including assistance in its implementation. "Of course, we want to be part of the university's main performance index achievement mandated by the ministry, of which MBKM is a part of," said Wisnu.

Chairman of the MBKM Commission for Communication Studies, Dr. Agoeng Noegroho, M.Si, separately said that in its implementation, the MBKM Internship program has its own dynamics. However, students who had filled out the MBKM course selection (KRS) in the Academic Information System (SIA) can all be facilitated, and proceed to the even semester that is currently running. The MBKM Commission had also coordinated with the internship supervisors to ensure and guarantee the internship activities are in accordance with the learning outcomes that have been set in the curriculum.

The Head of the MBKM FISIP Team, Dr. Agus Ganjar Runtiko, M.Si after the release said that this time, the release of the interns is an embryo for similar events in the future, so that students can have adequate motivation and provision in their internship institutions.