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Awakening the Country from the Pandemic, FK Unsoed and Kaunsoed Prepare Tens of Thousands of Vaccine Doses for Children and the General Public

[, Thurs, 16/09/21] The handling of the covid-19 pandemic cannot be done alone. Vaccination, which is one of the efforts to build immunity, needs to be accelerated through collaboration with various parties. Faculty of Medicine (FK Unsoed), Universitas Jenderal Soedirman,  in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Banyumas Regency Government, Salim Group, and Unsoed Alumni Families (Kaunsoed) provide tens of thousands of vaccine doses. It supports government programs in accelerating vaccination, especially for children to support face-to-face learning readiness and for the general public, including those who do not have a Banyumas ID card.

Banyumas Regency, which has entered PPKM level 3 allows limited offline activities, including face-to-face learning and social activities with certain restrictions to prevent transmission. The limited vaccination for students under 18 prompted the FK Unsoed vaccination committee chaired by Dr. dr. M. Rifqy Setyanto, Sp.M., to open services for children aged 12 years and over in addition to the general public and the Unsoed academic community. The provision of tens of thousands of vaccine doses involves the role of the Unsoed Alumni Family Center Management (PP KAUNSOED).

Chairman of PP Kaunsoed, Drs. Astera Primanto Bhakti, M.Tax. who is also the Director General of Fiscal Balance of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, said Kaunsoed is committed to overseeing and supporting the provision of vaccines and the implementation of vaccinations at the Graha Widyatama Auditorium Unsoed through institutional networks and the deployment of alumni in preparation and implementation. "This activity also involves alumni as vaccinators who are limited in number in the Banyumas area," he said.

The vaccination service of tens of thousands of doses of vaccine for children aged 12 years and over and the general public is carried out in stages. The second phase is available for 11,730 doses of vaccine whose services will be held on September 15-19, 2021, after in the previous stage absorption exceeding the target on September 2 and 4, 2021. Registration is done online in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Banyumas Regency Government through https://vaberaya.

Responding to the needs of the community around Purwokerto and Banyumas, which are agglomeration areas where many residents are migrants from other areas, the vaccination target was also expanded, not limited to residents with Banyumas ID cards. Migrants who have economic, social and educational activities in Purwokerto and its surroundings can take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccination services. It is hoped that with the speed at which vaccination reaches various levels of society, life in the Banyumas area and its surroundings will return to normal with the implementation of health protocols. The running of educational, social and economic activities is expected to support the acceleration of the recovery of the socio-economic conditions of the people who have fallen during the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of universities and alumni in collaborating with the government and the private sector as a driver of accelerating the recovery of conditions is a form of real contribution to encourage the rise of the country from the pandemic.