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Building Village with UNSOED

[, Thurs, 23/12/21] Vice Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation, & Public Relations at  Universitas Jenderal Soedirman/ WR IV Dr.Ir V Prihananto M.Si with the Regent Banyumas Regency Ir. Achmad Husein became resource persons in the Tribunnews Podcast, Wednesday (22/12). The theme of this episode of podcast is "Building Village with UNSOED".

Venturing Podcast, Banyumas Regent Ir.Achmad Hussein told the achievements of Banyumas regency government at national level. It was also conveyed about how to provide job opportunities to the widest possible community by creating job opportunities in order to eradicate poverty. One of the potentials in Banyumas, according to the Regent, is MSMEs that can be developed as widely as possible. Then the tourism sector, and education and commerce which will create new jobs.

Meanwhile, WR IV UNSOED Dr.Ir V Prihananto M.Si conveyed about the role of UNSOED, including in rural development, through the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely Research, Education, and Community Service. “In the field of research, UNSOED has produced appropriate technology that can be utilized by rural communities, especially in the Banyumas area. In the field of education, UNSOED continues to contribute to the intellectual life of the nation through education for the nation's children. Meanwhile, through community service, UNSOED has various programs, both carried out by lecturers through various research-based programs and the application of science and technology and through the Community Service Program," said the Chancellor.

WR IV added that one of the activities that directly touches the village community is community service. “This activity can be in the form of lecturer research-based service to be applied, science-based application-based service in the community, as well as community service programs conducted by students. Regarding the ongoing program, in accordance with the current policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture, state universities are also encouraged to carry out the Independent Learning Program-Independent Campus”, explained WR IV.

Regarding the collaboration with Banyumas and other Regional Governments, it will be related to the Tri Dharma, one of which is community service. "In this case, UNSOED participates in the village community through programs carried out by lecturers and students to provide assistance, especially scientific and technological support that can be utilized for the welfare of rural communities," explained IV. The Chancellor added that of course, economic recovery cannot be done alone and is partial. It takes collaboration and cooperation of all parties to simultaneously move to restore the rural economy, both the government, businessmen, communities, and universities.