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Chairman of LPPM Unsoed Visited International KKN Sites in Malaysia

[, Thu, 03/08/23] The Head of the Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed), Prof. Dr. Elly Tugiyanti alongside the Head of the Unsoed 2023 International Community Service Implementation Team, Ahmad Sabiq, visited Sanggar Bimbingan in Sentul, Malaysia, Friday (28/7). Their visit was cordially welcomed by the manager of the Sanggar Bimbingan, Shohenuddin, M.Ed. who is also the Coordinator of the Sanggar Bimbingan on the Peninsula.   "We are very honored by the presence of the board of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman. May this visit could strengthen the cooperation between Unsoed and Sanggar Bimbingan Sentul," said Shohenuddin with great enthusiasm.

Prof. Elly Tugiyanti, expressed her expectations of the International Community Service which is currently taking place in Malaysia. "I am very proud to see the work of the students of Unsoed. May it bring a positive impact on society, especially for Indonesian students who are studying here. This community service experience will become a valuable provision for students in self-development," said the Head of LPPM.

During this field visit, the Head of LPPM also directly monitored the students' teaching activities. She blended in with the students, chatting, and encouraging them to provide a tangible benefit to the local community.

There was a heartwarming moment when the Head of LPPM joined a student in the process of learning how to read. With great patience, she provided attentive teaching, making sure every spelling of the student went smoothly and correctly. The student also showed a remarkable response to the guidance of the head of LPPM, the student’s enthusiasm in learning how to read was so bright, inspiring all who witnessed the event.

Access to education for all is the main reason why Unsoed organizes the International Community Service. In this context, the Head of the Community Service Implementation Team, Ahmad Sabiq, reminded the students of the community service theme this time is 'Bridging Communities Through Education.' Through teaching the children of migrant workers, Unsoed aims to become a bridge for them to achieve a brighter future. "Together we build fair and meaningful opportunities for the next generation of the nation wherever they are," he said. 

Before leaving the Sanggar Bimbingan Sentul, the Head of LPPM gave an inspiring motivational message to the students participating in the International KKN. "Make this experience a place to grow and develop. Continue to give your best in community service, and May you serve as an example for other students," she concluded with utmost attention.