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Banyumas has a number of tourist attractions that have become favorite destinations for local and out-of-town tourists. These tourist destinations include natural tourist attractions such as the Pine Forest in Sumbang Subdistrict, which is very popular for its beautiful scenery adorned by towering pine trees, and the Baturraden Botanical Garden, which collects a variety of plants, ranging from orchids to various medicinal plants. In addition, there are also man-made tourist attractions such as Balai Kemambang which is a historical building that dates back to the Dutch colonial era and has a high historical value, and Menara Pandang which is a popular spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Purwokerto from a high altitude. Banyumas is also home to valuable cultural attractions, such as Lengger Banyumasan Dance which is a traditional dance performed by two or more people accompanied by calung musical instruments and a sinden; Wayang Kulit Gragag Banyumasan which is a type of shadow puppet show performed with techniques influenced by Banyumasan culture; and Ebeg which is a kind of lumping horse dance using horses made of woven bamboo with accompaniment of music from gamelan led by an ebeg puppeteer. One of the cultural events awaited by residents and tourists is the Kirab Pusaka (Heritage) Procession held every year to commemorate Banyumas' anniversary which is celebrated every February.  The Pusaka that is being involved in Kirab procession consist of krises, spears, and stambul books.