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In order to increase students’ academic competency, UNSOED has facilities to support lectures and final projects, such as experimental gardens, broadcasting studios, library, close house farms, and other educational support facilities which are located in each faculty. UNSOED also has an Integrated Research Laboratory, which facilitates lecturers and students’ innovation. There is also an UPT Bahasa which is a technical implementation unit in Unsoed that carries out competence enhancement on foreign language and foreign language proficiency testing services for the academic community.


Jenderal Soedirman University has a Pratama Soedirman Clinic as well as a dental and oral hospital named RSGMP (Rumah Sakit Gigi dan Mulut Pendidikan) which has an emergency room (IGD). Those health facilities handle various kinds of medical emergencies, both dental and general, as well as specialist doctors' practices which are supported by complete equipment. RSGMP which has the highest title of hospital accreditation or "PARIPURNA" in 2019 provides very adequate educational facilities.


To keep, improve, and maintain students’ health, UNSOED provides Soesilo Soedarman GOR (Sports Hall), which has athletic track facilities with international standards, tennis courts, badminton sport hall, basketball courts, rock climbing facilities, table tennis, volleyball courts, and also fitness and aerobics facilities.

Students Welfare

In order to maintain students’ convenience while living and doing activities on campus area, UNSOED provides a variety of complete and comfortable facilities such as student dormitories, transportation facilities, buildings and Student Activity Centre (PKM) hall, canteens and accessible work spaces. Places of worship are also very easy to find around the UNSOED campus.