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Faculty of Medicine of UNSOED Helps Accelerate Vaccination Program in Banyumas Regency

[, Thu, 02/08/21] Faculty of Medicine / FK Unsoed collaborates with the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Banyumas Regency Government, Indonesian Radio Amateur Organization , and Salim Group (Indofood, Indomaret, and ACA) held vaccination activities, Thursday (02/9). The vaccination took place at the Graha Widyatama Unsoed Auditorium.

Dr.dr.Rifqy Sp.M(K) as the head of the covid-19 vaccination committee, said that this activity was initiated by the needs of the Banyumas District Health Office, asking FK Unsoed to be able to help the people of Banyumas Regency in relation to the acceleration of this covid-19 vaccination program . “Alhamdulillah, this activity is also fully supported by the University, and the Regent of Banyumas Regency. We also collaborate with several of our partners from the Salim Group, and also with ORARI,” he said. The purpose of vaccination is as an effort to accelerate the implementation of herd immunity in Banyumas Regency. "We are helping the Banyumas Regency Government to provide distribution services to the community in Banyumas Regency, both those with a Banyumas ID card or not, as long as they live in Banyumas, and the Unsoed academic community is also welcomed to take advantage of this service," he explained. Furthermore, it was conveyed that in this implementation 1,200 vaccines were obtained, registration through the portal. Dr.Rifqy hopes that in the future they will be able to get more vaccine quotas.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dwi from the Health Office of the Banyumas Regency Government is very supportive of Unsoed's policies, as the additional facilities for vaccination services will greatly help encourage the acceleration of vaccination for the community in Banyumas Regency. "We are grateful for the initiative and hope that in the future there will be more, because in Banyumas Regency, only 22% have been vaccinated," he said.

During the implementation of this covid-19 vaccination, the Rector together with the Vice Rector for General Affairs & Finance, and Dean of FK Unsoed had the opportunity to review the implementation of the vaccination.