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FIB UNSOED Holds Entrepreneurial Student Program EXPO 2021

[, Wed, 01/12/21] The Faculty of Humanities (FIB) held an Entrepreneurial Student Program Expo on 30 November 2021. This activity was attended by 24 PMW teams who had been selected by the FIB PMW assessment team. This inaugural Expo carries the theme “Muda Berinovasi, Muda Berkreasi: Wirausaha Fakultas Ilmu Budaya Ciptakan Generasi Luar Biasa”

This expo activity took place from 08.00, offline at the FIB Hall and the yard around FIB Unsoed. Several Laras Budaya karawitan team and the Gambyong Banyumasan dance were presented by the Student of Garasi Seni UKM FIB to add the excitement of the expo.

The event was attended by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, the Deputy Dean for General Affairs and Finance, the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, and other invited guests. The event was opened by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Idah Hamidah, SS, M. Hum. In her remarks, she said that this event aims to make Unsoed alumni become entrepreneurs who can create jobs for many people, so that this activity can be a pioneering business that can be continued by students both while studying at Unsoed and when they have graduated.

Each team displays interesting, creative, and innovative works and products; and some products sold out in less than 2 hours.

The excitement of this expo can also be seen from the three best teams in the categories of the most innovative team, the most prospective team, and the most creative team. The most innovative team was given to the Potlikertik Development team, which is a creative effort to use waste paper into batik-patterned pots as well as a means of preserving nature and culture. The Kopsus Guren team, which stands for Kopi Susu Palm Sugar, is considered the most prospective business in this expo. The most creative team was given to the Brother team which stands for 'brownies tempe: healthy and cheaper.' This business idea is considered the most creative because it utilizes tempeh which is processed into brownies as a snack to fill the stomach.

It is hoped that this PMW expo activity can continue to be carried out in the following years to create new business ideas and new entrepreneurs in students.