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IESP Unsoed Successfully Hosted Midyear International Conference (MYIC) 2023, Fri, 21/07/23] The Department of Economics and Development Studies (IESP), Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) held an international scientific seminar and conference with the theme "Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership for Sustainable Rural Development," on Tuesday (18/7). The activity entitled Midyear International Conference (MYIC) 2023 is planned to become an annual routine agenda.

The event was held in a hybrid session (offline and online) with 54 offline participants who attended the 6th Floor Auditorium of the Integrated Laboratory of FEB Unsoed and 198 people who attended online via zoom meeting.

At MYIC 2023, the IESP Department worked together and collaborated with various parties including ASEAN, Asia Committee for Small Business (ACSB), MCorp, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia, and the Indonesian Economists Association (ISEI). In addition, several universities have supported this event by becoming co-hosts including Sriwijawa University Palembang, Trilogi University Jakarta, and La Tansa Mashiro University Banten.

MYIC 2023 was officially opened by the Rector of Unsoed Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M.Sc. Agr., IPU. In his remarks, the Rector hoped that MYIC organized by the IESP FEB Unsoed Department will be a tangible manifestation of the contribution of academics to the development of various rural economic potentials in accordance with the vision of Jenderal Soedirman University.

The first agenda was a seminar session delivered by five speakers from various institutions with their respective expertise. The seminar which was moderated by IESP Department lecturer, M. Farid Alfarisy, SE, M.Sc. was divided into two sessions and progressed interestingly. The first session was delivered by three speakers namely Hermawan Kartajaya from MCorp, Blesila A. Lantayona who is the Chair Person of ACCMSME, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Aznoor binti Ahmad from the University of North Malaysia.

Hermawan Kartajaya delivered material related to the importance of collaboration based on creativity, innovation, and leadership in entrepreneurship to improve business performance. More broadly, Hermawan Kartajaya said that business performance needs to be collaborated comprehensively between the government, business owners, and all elements of society. From MDG's, SDG's, to IDG's (Inner Development Goals).

Meanwhile, the second speaker, Blesila A. Lantayona, delivered a presentation on the important role of ASEAN in supporting the ASIAN economy in general. More specifically, Lantayona highlighted the role of MSMEs in the ASEAN region which has a very crucial role. MSMEs in the ASEAN region are proven to be able to contribute optimally to the economy of their communities. Therefore, MSMEs in the ASEAN region need to continue to improve their capabilities, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic and welcome the wider trade era. The next speaker was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Aznoor binti Ahmad delivered about the importance of social enterprises. Business is not just about making a profit, more than that business can be done with a broader purpose by paying attention to benefits for the community.

In the second session, the seminar continued with the presentation of material by two speakers. The first speaker, Prof. Indah Susilowati, Ph.D. from Diponegoro University, delivered material related to the importance of leadership for resource sustainability, especially in Indonesia. SDG's became a benchmark for how Indonesia should be able to manage resources and divide roles between various related parties. The SDG's have a philosophy of equality and shared prosperity with the headline "Leave no one behind". This is a challenge in the context of Indonesia with its diversity. The last speaker was Judit Katonane Kovacs, Ph.D. from Debreceen University, Hungary. Dr. Kovacs delivered material related to the importance of innovation and adaptation for MSME actors, especially in rural areas. Shifting consumption and business patterns require rapid adaptation for business actors. The seminar session was closed with a discussion submitted by participants both offline and online.At MYIC 2023, a call for book chapters and call for papers were also organized, which were open to various local and overseas authors. The committee managed to collect 33 book chapter submissions and selected 23 titles after the review process by the reviewers. The 23 book chapter titles were written by various authors from 11 Indonesian higher education institutions and one university from Singapore. The summary of the selected book chapters was presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Prof. Wiwiek R. Adawiyah, M.Sc., Ph.D.

MYIC 2023 was also a forum for the presentation of 84 students participating in the MBKM Research program. Dozens of FEB Unsoed students who have carried out the MBKM Research program presented the results of the research produced and their recommendations.

This event was also followed by parallel sessions which were divided into thirteen rooms consisting of 8 offline rooms and 5 online rooms. The thirteen rooms accommodated 133 papers that would be presented by each author. One hundred and thirty-three scientific papers were written by authors from various domestic and foreign universities. Based on the assessment of the moderators of each room, three best presenters and one best paper were selected. The first, second, and third best presenters were Ruby Faozan Qomaruzzaman, Rudiyanto, and Rian Dwi Utami, respectively. All three are entitled to prizes of Rp750,000, Rp500,000, and Rp250,000. As for the best paper category, it was received by Firsty Ramadhona Amalia Lubis with the paper title: "Sectoral Analysis of Carbon Emissions and Economic Factors: Dynamic Model". The author, who is a student of the Economics Doctoral Program at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Unsoed, is entitled to a prize of Rp1,000,000. The committee's decision was announced by the Head of the IESP Department of FEB Unsoed Dr. Lilis Siti Badriah, SE, M.Si.

The Final Session of MYIC 2023 was officially closed by the Vice Dean for General and Financial Affairs of FEB Unsoed Dr. Ratno Purnomo, SE., M.Sc. In his speech, he expressed his gratitude to various parties who have collaborated to organize this activity. The committee who has worked hard to prepare activities, seminar session speakers, contributors of articles for book chapters and papers, collaborating partners such as MCorp, ACSB, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia, ISEI Purwokerto, and partner universities who have worked together for the success of this event. It is hoped that MYIC 2023 will benefit the community in general, especially for regional economic development in rural areas.