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The Independent Student Exchange Program Socialization of 2023

[, Mon, 17/04/23] The socialization of the Independent Student Exchange (Pertukaran Mahasiswa Merdeka - PMM) year 2023 took place in the Meeting Room on the 1st Floor of the Rectorate Building of Unsoed on Friday (14/4). The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Vice Rector for Student Affairs & Alumni, Head of Academic & Student Affairs Bureau, Head of LP3M, Vice Deans, PMM3 Unsoed Coordinator, source person and students were present. The event was opened by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr.Ir Noor Farid, M.Si.

Chairman of LP3M, Ir.Suprayogi M.Sc., Ph.D., in his report said that in 2023, the PMM coordinator of Unsoed, both inbound and outbound, is Dr. Wisnu Widjanarko, M.Si., MIPR, CPR. "Unsoed has participated in PPM 1 (which was carried out online and Unsoed got approximately 1,000 inbound students). PMM 2 in 2022 was conducted offline, and this year is expected to be much better according to previous experience," he said.

Until now, there are 91 students will join PMM out bound.  "While for in bound students, there are 786 candidates from 97 universities. Because the quota that can be accommodated at Unsoed is 200 students, so they are going to compete," he added.  

The manager of PMM 3 at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Drs. Medy, M.Kom., said that the Independent Student Exchange (PMM) is a student mobility program for one semester to gain learning experience at universities in Indonesia while strengthening unity in diversity. "The purpose of this program is to improve the ability in implement national vision, increase understanding of racial diversity & the spirit of unity, develop intensive meetings & dialogues in diversity & mutual understanding to create strengthened unity, and expand and / or deepen academic knowledge," he explained.

It was also stated that PMM 3 has six main elements, namely: (1) the exchange program is held from one island to another; (2) the program was recognized up to 20 credits; (3) students can do the exchange from public university to private university and vice versa; (4) the program can be joined by students in semester 3, 5, and 7; (5) the exploration of unity and diversity through Nusantara module; (6) transfer from academic degrees to academic and vocational to vocational.

Meanwhile, the program of PMM is scheduled to be held in January – February 2023 (Registration & Announcement of Recipient Universities), March – April 2023 (Registration and student selection), May 2023 (Student Diversity Survey), June 2023 (Announcement), June – July 2023 (Student Administration), July – August 2023 (Preparation and debriefing of students), August 2023 – March 2024 (Implementation of PMM), and January – March 2024 (Final Report of PMM and Credit Recognition).