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National Seminar of Sustainable Development of Rural Resources and Local Wisdom XI

[, Tues, 12/10/21] With the theme “Building Strategic Collaboration between Universities, Government, Business and Society Towards an Independent Campus in the Era of the New Covid-19 Order in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals”, LPPM Unsoed held a National Seminar. The national seminar on Sustainable Development of Rural Resources and Local Wisdom XI lasted for 3 days (12-14 October 2021.

The Chairman of the committee Dr. Rachmad Setijadi S.Si., M.Si in his report said that the seminar was aimed at bridging the superior products produced by researchers from various universities in Indonesia to the user community and investors both at the regional and national scale for the development of local resources based on local wisdom. This national seminar is an annual seminar, and is an LPPM Unsoed program, entering its 11th year. The total participants are 2,513 national seminar participants, which are divided into 562 research papers, 213 papers in the field of service. The participants of the seminar came from Muhammadiyah Suarakarta University, Muhammadiyah Jakarta University, Health Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health Semarang, Brawijaya University, ITS Surabaya, Peradaban University, University Veterans Development, Purwokerto Nahdlatul Ulama University, UIN, and the Center for Social, Research, Economics, Maritime Affairs & Fisheries”, he explained.

Unsoed Rector Prof.Dr.Ir Suwarto MS in his speech said that science and technology are torches that are able to guide steps with objectives based on human values. At this point, research and development becomes the foundation that is able to present new ideas and works so as to lead to a new order that enables life to be of a higher quality. There are things that should not be forgotten in facing this change, namely synergizing with various parties, collaboration between stakeholders. "Hand in hand by optimizing the resources of each party is a form of wisdom as well as a reflection of intelligence to always be productive, creative and innovative," said the Rector.

Furthermore, the Rector hopes that this seminar can act as a meeting room for science lovers to sit together and have a dialogue with each other about the results of their research, which are of high quality but are always humble like matured rice. This forum is an assembly of wisdom where all are learners who always seek blessings and benefits from the knowledge learned. "This momentum is also a means of strengthening our nationality, where research results, whether in the nature of initial development or in the downstream process, are essentially to increase the competitiveness, welfare and excellence of this nation that we love and be proud of," the Rector hoped.

The national seminar presented speakers Arief Mulyadi S.Si., M.Si (Director of PT. PNM Persero), Prof. Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah M.Sc., Ph.D (Unsoed), Inaya Rahmani Ph.D (University of Indonesia), Dr. .Abdul Kholik M.Si (DPD RI), Prof.Dr.Ir Muhammad Mukhlisin MT (Semarang State Polytechnic), Budi Aji SKM.,M.Sc (Unsoed), drh.R Wisnu Nurcahyo (Gadjah Mada University), Dr.Ir Eko Nurmianto M.Eng-Sc.,DERT (Ten November Institute of Technology), Dr.Dwi Sarwani Sri Rejeki SKM.,M.Kes (Epid) (Unsoed). , and Dr. Tyas Retno Wulan., S. Sos., M.Si (Unsoed).