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Submitted by android290374@… on 21 September 2023

Kampus Mengajar program is one of the educational channels that serves as a forum for students to conduct off-campus learning and training by partnering with teachers in schools in developing learning models and improving school literacy and numeracy learning. One of the Unsoed students who participated in Kampus Mengajar program was Nur Azizah, a student of the Physics Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, class of 2020. Nur Azizah is interested in the  program because this program can be a provision and experience for her future. Through the  program, she can try new and impressive things, get pocket money benefits and is free from KKN, get an activity certificate, and many other benefits.

Participants in the Kampus Mengajar program are placed in schools that need assistance with energy, thoughts, and time from others. Typically, these schools have students who have little enthusiasm for the learning process and lack support from their surroundings. Nur Azizah said that she builds communication with the students to find out what the students' needs and wants are. She also always tells them how beautiful it is to live a life full of dreams and goals. In addition, she also likes to appreciate active students by giving a little gift so that students know that there are still people who are proud and appreciate their hard work and efforts. Hopefully, they will think that education is important for themselves and their future.

Kampus Mengajar program provides training on Class AKM (a tool for teachers in the classroom to diagnose individual student learning outcomes) to measure students' learning abilities. At the beginning of the program, there was an AKM pre-test which showed that the students' scores were very low. For this reason, program participants conducted fun learning training and then created a program to increase students' creativity. At the end of the activity, the AKM post-test was conducted with increased scores obtained by students. There are some challenges when conducting the program, but they can still be addressed. One of them is related to the limited learning media, for example the limited digital media / gadgets for the Class AKM program. The only solution is to use them alternately, which causes the Class AKM process to take a lot of time. In addition, the program participants also need to change the students' behavior and habits, which requires extra energy and a high level of patience.

With the conversion of 20 credits which is a benefit of  Kampus Mengajar Program, Nur Azizah can remain focused on carrying out activities in this program. With her teaching experience in several tutoring centers, she found the program very enjoyable even though it was sometimes hard. The culture shock that Azizah experienced during this program was dealing with the habits of the students who were very different from her life. "I, who prioritizes education and learning new things, met students with no school spirit and minimal knowledge. Those who should still be carrying out their education quietly are disturbed by the thought of having to have money and prioritizing work over school," she said.

By participating in this program, she became more grateful for the life she lives. "Getting fellow teammates who can increase friendship and brotherhood. Trying new things, gaining experience that not everyone can get makes me very, very lucky so that it increases my enthusiasm to learn new things even more," she explained. Azizah advised that every individual should always trust their abilities when speaking in front of people, continue to develop their public speaking skills, and continue to seek new experiences. For her, in that pursuit there are wonders waiting to be revealed, priceless lessons to be learned, and wisdom that cannot be gained in any other way.