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Submitted by android290374@… on 22 September 2023

Pursuing the field of Agribusiness at the Faculty of Agriculture Unsoed, Daynishelma Audira or more often called as Shelma is one of the students of Unsoed who participated in one of the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) programs, that is Magang Studi Independen Bersertifikat (MBKM). Shelma participated in the MSIB program at Pegadaian Purwokerto Area Office which supervises Branch Offices and Units throughout Purwokerto. Shelma got information about this program from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Kampus Merdeka portal website.

One of the activities Shelma did during her internship was learning to create projects, holding gold literacy workshops, MSME workshops, openbooth sales, and marketing in events organized by Pegadaian Purwokerto area office. During her 4.5-month internship, Shelma admitted that she was happy because she learned a lot about institutions and skills that were not necessarily relevant to her study program while sitting in college. “During my internship, I have learned a lot about developing hardskill, soft skill, leadership, time management, and how to survive in the world of work,” she said.

“I want to break the statement that interns are only told to make coffee and photocopies; here I learned a lot because I was given directly to make a project but with monitoring from my supervisor who was very supportive to teach new knowledge to me and to other interns,” said Shelma. In addition to Shelma, there are also many students from other universities such as UB, UI, UNY, and Udinus. “I also have friends from various universities from all over Indonesia,” she explained.

Although she had experienced culture shock because she had to adapt to the world of work, the student who was once a member of BEM Unsoed also said that because of this internship program she knew better that the world of work was very different from the world of lectures. “In the world of work, there is a lot of pressure, but I also get excited because there are incentives hehe,” said Shelma.

This internship program directly opened up and increased Shelma’s knowledge because her major had little to do with banking and agricultural economic systems while in this MSIB program she learned a lot about banking and institutional economics. This did not make it difficult for Shelma because the working environment was very good and the mentors were willing to guide and direct the students. Thi broadened Shelma’s knowledge and that of her fellow MSIB students in terms of gaining knowledge from different fields.