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Sea Swamp Team UPL MPA UNSOED Holds Simulation of Advanced Training

Sea Swamp Team Ordinary Member of UPL MPA Unsoed carries out Simulation activities for Advanced Training in Tritih Kulon, Jeruklegi District, Cilacap Regency, Central Java. The activity which took place on March 25-27 2022, was attended by 5 Ordinary Members namely Reza Dwianta (NRP.UPL-2020463/PJ), Sabrina Abeallya (NRP.UPL-2021473/CE), Nur Lita Dewi (NRP.UPL-2021474 /CE), Irfan Winardi (NRP.UPL-2021475/CE), and Elia Christina (NRP.UPL-2021479/CE).

Tritih Kulon is one of the areas in Cilacap which has 25% mangrove forest area with varied zoological and botanical. In addition to mangrove forests (Rhizophora mucronata), the Tritih Kulon area also has several other botanicals such as jeruju (Acanthus ilicifolius), nipah (Nypa fruticans) and various zoology like mangrove fiddler crab (Leptuca thayeri), hermit crab (Pagurus bernhardus) , various types of shellfish (Bivalvia), glodok fish (Oxudercinae) and millions of gnats (Belgica antarctica). The Tritih Kulon area has a flat and muddy terrain, with a denser plant density than in Nusa Sibelis.

The Tritih Kulon area was chosen as the right location to learn and know more about the Sea Swamp division, such as the introduction of marine swamp terrain, swamp exploration techniques, travel management, hammock practice, swamp navigation practice, para-para and fireplace practice, and survival practice.