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Sefia Nur Laeli, International Service Delegate in Malaysia 2023

[, Monday, 27/11/23] Sefia Nur Laeli, a student of the Public Health Study Program 2022, Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKes) Unsoed managed to qualify as a delegate of the Cikgu Teaching Youth Abroad Expedition organized by IMC on November 15-19, 2023.

Sefia has been interested in community service activities, especially in the health sector, since she became a 2022 public health student. Several achievements and social experiences that have been achieved at this time, encouraged Sefia to try to participate in the Cikgu Mengajar volunteer event held at the Sentul Guidance Studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sefia said that Sentul Guidance Studio is a non-formal education center located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with students who do not have documents / non-documents, from the children of Indonesian migrant workers. Non-documented means that the child does not have legal documents such as: family cards, deeds, passports, and other licenses. Through the Sentul Guidance Center they get the education they should get even though they still need support to complete their learning. "Children of migrant workers often experience difficulties in accessing education and health, so the role of the younger generation is key to change," she said.

Armed with experiences participating in a series of community activities such as integrated service post,  leadership event speakers at certain events, and other organizations, Sefia was able to qualify as a delegate at the event.

Sefia's motivation to participate in Cikgu Mengajar activities is to contribute to children and be able to interact directly in the service area through health and education knowledge obtained from college learning.