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Purwokerto has several traditional and modern markets which are the mainstay of its inhabitants and surroundings. The traditional markets are usually well-known for providing various types of traditional culinary food of Purwokerto, such as Mendoan, rabbit satay, and Jenang Jaket. Even though these traditional markets are quite simple, many people love the viscous atmosphere and nuance of the markets here. Moreover, one of the traditional markets in Purwokerto has become one of the best-managed traditional markets in Indonesia since it has already fulfilled the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Several modern markets in this city have become one of the favorite shopping and entertainment destinations for families in Purwokerto and its surroundings since they provide various types of needs and entertainment venues, such as cinema. In addition to the completeness of the items it provides, its location is generally located in the middle of the city which makes this market the right choice for the inhabitants of Purwokerto and its surroundings.