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Signing of IAB Unsoed’s Inscription

[, Mon, 25/04/22] Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology, Prof.Ir Nizam M.Sc.,DIC., Ph.D., IPU, Asean Eng signed the Inscription of Integrated Academic Building (IAB) Unsoed on Friday (22/4). The Secretary of the Directorate of Higher Education, Research and Technology, the Director of Resources, the Director of Higher Education and Science and Technology, the Deputy for Human Development, Society & Culture of Bappenas, the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellors, and staff were present.

The Chancellor of Unsoed, Prof.Dr.Ir Suwarto MS in his speech said that the IAB building had been inaugurated on January 24, 2022. At that time, the Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology and also, the Director of Resources could not attend, so the Deputy for Human Development and his ranks were present. Therefore, the signing of the inscription was carried out in Jakarta. “We on behalf of Unsoed express our gratitude and extraordinary pride because Unsoed has been given the opportunity/facility which in this case is a learning facility at Unsoed, namely the IAB building. Unsoed will use the building as much as possible for the Tridharma process at Unsoed," said the Chancellor.

The Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Prof. Ir. Nizam M.Sc.,DIC.,Ph.D.,IPU, Asean Eng said in his speech that the presence of the IAB building is something that both parties  are very grateful for. Prof. Nizam was very happy with the concept of the IAB building, which is the integrated building where laboratories from various study programs are in one building and encourage collaboration between disciplines. Prof. Nizam emphasized that campuses should ensure two things which are always done in universities, namely improving quality and increasing relevance. “Improving the quality and increasing the relevance are the two sides of the coin that will make all university works valuable. Quality alone is not enough, but it is necessary to underline relevance as well. That is the spirit of the Independent Campus to ensure that our graduates are not only qualified but relevant to the needs of the present and the future," said Prof. Nizam.

Moreover, the Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology also said that it was in line with Unsoed's vision and mission, which is to build our agriculture which is increasingly being abandoned by farmers and their children. So, it is our duty to produce millennial farmers from campus who will increase the added value of agriculture, the value of farmers' business productions for all of our farmers, as well as drive the economy based on the development of innovation from universities. "So, we need to continue to ensure the quality and relevance both in producing graduates and in producing research and development", explained Prof. Nizam.

Research from Unsoed is very relevant to developments in the region, whether it is agriculture, fishery, plantation, and animal science, which lead to the time to accelerate it and disseminate it in the community so that they become small industries in the community and even add more value to agriculture and give birth to millennial farmers, breeders, fishermen.

Porf. Nizam advised Unsoed to continue and focus on development, especially on its vision and mission. He also appreciatedUnsoed for guarding this SBSN well.