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Soedirman Career Center Holds Career Talk Series

[, Tue, 08/02/22] With the theme “Successful Career as a Golden Generation with Character and Global Insight”, Sudirman Career Center (SCC) as a career, entrepreneurship & job market service center held a Career Talk Series-22#1 on Monday (07/2). This activity was attended by prospective Unsoed graduates for the March 2022 period.

The activity which took place through the Zoom Meeting, presented resource persons: Dr. Dwita Darmawati, SE, M.Sc. who is an FEB Unsoed Lecturer, Head of the Lab. FEB Career, SCC Team, with material entitled "CV and Interview Hacks", Ignatius Hubert "Prosple" Indonesia, with material entitled "Tricks to Apply for Jobs Online (Tutorials for applying for jobs through the SCC-Prosple Website)". Another source person is Nur Chasanah, S. Kom., M. Kom. who is an FT Unsoed Lecturer, SCC Team, with the material entitled "The Importance of the Role of Alumni in Tracer Success (Tutorial for filling out the Unsoed tracer study questionnaire)".

In this activity, it was explained on what to write in the CV and during the interview which is self-branding. In the interview, alumni are expected to form a visible impression of appearance & way of communicating. Some of the questions during the interview are self-introduction, organizational/work activities, strengths & weaknesses, interest in the company, free time activities, family & personal life, various things about yourself, and expected salary. Regarding CV, common mistakes that occur include incomplete CV, typo writing, fictitious data, and expired contact numbers.

It was also conveyed about the tracer study, which is the activity of tracking the traces of graduates / alumni which is carried out to get feedback from alumni. Tracer studies are used for accreditation purposes; the Directorate General of Higher Education (Kemdiknas) also uses tracer studies as a monitoring tool for adaptation of university graduates in Indonesia when entering the world of work. The purpose of this trace study is to find out the educational outcomes produced by our universities, to know the contribution of our universities to existing competencies in the world of work, and to monitor the adaptation of college graduates when entering the world of work as required by the Directorate General of Higher Education.

The benefits of the tracer study include a database for alumni & graduate users who are recorded based on study programs and batches (year of entry). Moreover, tracer study can be seen as important input / information for higher education development, as an evaluation tool to see the relevance between universities and the business / industry world, as input for curriculum improvement, and as material for building alumni networks.