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Two Innovation Products Made by UNSOED Students were Exported to Europe and Africa

[, Sat, 17/06/23] The Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program of Certified Internship and Independent Study Programs in Export-Import (MSIB EKSPOR-IMPOR) is designed to produce young entrepreneurs among students. In response to the Ministry of Education and Culture's program, the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) Purwokerto organized the "Export Internship Training Program (EITP)". Activities that lasted from February to June 2023 is a collaboration with PT. UBA UHUD INTERNATIONAL and CV. WIMI FU INTERNATIONAL.

The training was mentored directly by the Managing Director of PT UBA UHUD INTERNATIONAL, M. Noor Fahmi and the Managing Director of CV WIMI FU INTERNATIONAL, Wiji Prianti.

Bagas Gumintang, SM, MBA as the Liaison Officer (LO) who was met by the Unsoed Public Relations Team at the closing of the MBKM Expo Internship on Friday, 16/6 said that this activity was an export-import MBKM activity. Bagas added, "PT UBA UHUD is one of the companies that has been involved in the export sector for quite a long time and the expert from this company was asked to be a practitioner lecturer for this Export-Import MBKM".

The President Director of PT UBA UHUD INTERNATIONAL, M. Noor Fahmi, who was also an alumnus of FEB Unsoed, taught the tips and tricks to carry out export-import. Fahmi taught all the stages in export-import activities, starting from how to make an NPWP, access to Customs, and introduce websites that are useful for export-import purposes. In addition, the mentor also introduced public speaking, which is about how to present a product to clients.

Furthermore, according to Fahmi, the output of EITP in 2023 is satisfactory. The training has brought 22 new companies (PT / CV), each of which has its own excellence. "There are already two companies that carry out export activities, namely The Kelor products exported to Nigeria, and also rattan handicraft products that have been exported to Liverpool," he explained.

Fahmi added that within one semester, Alhamdulillah, they have found strong entrepreneurs both in the domestic and global markets. "With the first achievement, we have established 22 new brand companies that have been incorporated as Limited Liability Companies (PT), complete with NIB, NPWB, and export master numbers. These 22 companies have also promoted in the global market, under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia which is registered in the InaExport program. The products are available at the Ministry Building on the 2nd floor through the InaExport web, as well as at the Ministry of Cooperatives of the Republic of Indonesia through the Semsco program," he added.

"So these 22 companies have been sheltered by 2 Ministries, namely the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Cooperatives. All companies have conducted business promotion to all IT PCs and Trade Attaches of Indonesian Embassies around the world. Alhamdulillah, two companies have exported Otan Furniture products to Liverpool UK on May 5, 2023. And in the near future Moringa Leaf Tea products will be next to Nigeria," Fahmi explained. The export of Otan Furniture products to Liverpool UK departed through the Port of Tanjung Emas, Semarang.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FEB Unsoed, Prof. Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah, Ph.D., said that the MBKM Export Program is one type of MBKM program which is quite successful in educating students to be ready to enter the export world. "The students who have participated in this program can practice the knowledge they have gained," said the Dean.