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Unsoed Collaborates with 10 Partners to Succeed the MBKM Program

[, Friday, 20/01/23] Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) signed a cooperation agreement with ten industrial partners on Friday, 20 January. The cooperation agreements are related to the work agreement for the Industrial Practice Program, Independent Learning – Independent Campus (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka – MBKM) for period 1, which will last from January 2023 until 31 December 2024.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Dr. Ir. Noor Farid, M.Sc., the vice-rector of Academic Affairs. It took place at the MM2100 Industrial Estate Ballroom Block C, Jalan Sumatra, Gandasari, Cikarang Barat, Bekasi. The ten partners are PT Taiyo Katecs Indonesia, PR Chengtian Weiye Indonesia, PT Jotun Indonesia, PT ICI Panits Indonesia, PT Mattel Indonesia, PT Autoliv Indonesia, PT International Paint Indonesia, Nutrifood Indonesia, PT Toyo Seal, and PT Toyo Denso.

The purpose of this agreement is to carry out integrated, synergistic, and sustainable cooperation in the field of education, especially the MBKM Industrial Practice Program (PPI) between Universitas Jenderal Soedirman and the companies. Meanwhile, the purpose of the work agreement is to increase the role of higher education in the industrial world as an implementation of the higher education curriculum.

During the speech, the chairman of the Apindo District Management Board (DPK) of Bekasi Regency, H. Sutomo, stated that Bekasi Regency currently has around 10,000 industrial companies. This collaboration related to MBKM is an Apindo program in Bekasi to support education programs implemented by the government.

Furthermore, the chairman of DPK Apindo said this initial agreement of MBKM activities in Bekasi Regency was signed and supported by 10 companies. This is carried out as a pilot project for MBKM activities, and at any given time will be evaluated together. “I ask everyone whose companies carry out the MBKM program, to provide periodic reports. It applies as well for Unsoed, we also ask for your cooperation in providing reports and evaluations together,” he hoped.

The rector of Unsoed, Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M.Sc., Agr. said that currently, the world of higher education in Indonesia is transforming, especially in preparing excellent and competitive graduates in the future. Through a policy known as MBKM, campuses are expected to introduce their students to the world of work as early as possible, so that they not only have intellectual intelligence, but also have the competencies needed by industry, business, and work.

“In the past, the concept of the internship was carried out in the final semester or the seventh semester and above and the duration of time was not long, it is just about 1-2 months. Now, the concept has changed. It can be started in the fifth semester, lasted for a term or 1 semester, and recognized as 20 credits,” said the rector.

Through this internship format, our graduates can be absorbed in the world of work, and the world of work does not need to spend time training graduates when they enter work, because they already know what and how to work in the industry since their college days. “This spirit is the soul of the strategic partnership between Unsoed and Apindo and all companies in Bekasi. The spirit of productive collaboration will become the foundation for synergy so that both parties will benefit from this collaboration," concluded the rector.

Meanwhile, the chief of Municipal Representative of the Manpower Ministry of Bekasi, Edi Rohyadi, M.M., said that the regional government of Bekasi welcomed MBKM activities in these companies. The chief hopes that this activity will continue and the number of companies signing on for this program will continue to grow.