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UNSOED Delegation Advances to PEKSIMINAS 2022

[, Mon, 22/08/22] The delegation from Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) managed to become the best in the Peksimida event which was held on 19-22 August 21, 2022, in the male dangdut and female pop competitions. Yiyi Fikri Nurizki (Mathematics F.MIPA) won 1st place in the Men's Dangdut category, and Rachel Sinaga (Communication Science FISIP) won 1st place in the Women's Pop category.

Both of them succeeded in eliminating dozens of participants from various public and private universities throughout Central Java. With their success in becoming 1st place, Yiyi Fikri Nurizki, and Rachel Sinaga will represent the Central Java contingent to compete in the 2022 PEKSIMINAS event which will be held at Brawijaya University Malang in October 2022.

Yiyi Fikri Nurizki conveyed the impression during the competition, he felt a lot of pressure because the name he carried was not personal, but the name Unsoed. “And now that I have won 1st place, my pressure is getting heavier because after this I will be competing again on behalf of Central Java. But so far I really enjoy the process and feel happy too because I can bring the name Unsoed as the champion”, he said.

Regarding the preparation for PEKSIMINAS, Fikri said that he will make the preparation the same as when he was going to join PEKSIMIDA yesterday, which is by always practicing regularly. "But maybe for now the intensity of the exercise will be increased, considering that he still has time for PEKSIMINAS," he said.

Meanwhile, Rachel Sinaga expressed her gratitude for being able to take part in the competition at the student level and Praise God for getting the opportunity to go to the national level, after several failed attempts at similar events in high school at the national level. Regarding preparations for PEKSIMINAS, Rachel will prepare even more so that she can win at PEKSIMINAS 2022.

Head of the Unsoed Academic and Student Affairs Bureau Dra. Krisnhoe Maya Woelandari MM, expressed gratitude that the Unsoed delegation succeeded in representing Central Java in the Male Dangdut and Female Pop competitions in PEKSIMINAS 2022. "Unsoed will provide full support from preparation to implementation of PEKSIMINAS 2022", said the Head of the Bureau.