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UNSOED Lecturer Became Visiting Researcher at FIO-MNR China

[, Wed, 03/04/24] The Institute for Research and Community Service (Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat - LPPM) Unsoed together with the First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, (FIO-MNR) conducted a research collaboration “Marine Expedition and Tidal Forecast (MarExplore)”. The research was carried out in order to increase understanding of ocean dynamics and climate and ecological impacts in the Indonesian Sea and surrounding waters, as well as understanding of new ocean observation and data collection technologies.

Following the collaboration, the research team from the Research Center for Renewable Energy of the Institute for Research and Community Service (Pusris EBT-LPPM) conducted a visiting research to the First Institute of Oceanography in the city of Qingdao, China. This activity was carried out for eight days starting on March 22-29, 2024 with the chief researcher Roy Andreas, Ph.D as the Head of the Center for EBT LPPM. 

Roy said, various activities have been carried out as part of the preparation for the implementation of the MarExplore Cruise and the operation of the Sea Tidal Current Prediction System. This activity was attended by research members from LPPM with various research backgrounds, including Dr. Amron with specialization in Marine Bioacoustic, Mukti Trenggono, M.Si in physical oceanography and Marine Observation, Rizqi Rizaldi, M. Si in Marine Instrumentation, and Dadang Iskandar, M. Eng from Information System. 

In the series of activities, there were also visits to several development and manufacturing industries for software and marine instruments such as Hai Yan Electronic Co. Ltd which is an industry that makes Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, Mooring Buoy, Marine IT System and other oceanographic equipment. 

Moving on to Tsingtao Hydrovo Technology Co. Ltd which produces Wavegliders; SeaHorizon Solution with sub-marine glider products, and Qingdao Leice Transient Tech which focuses on WindLidar Development. Activities in the form of mooring system stringing simulations were also carried out in both deploy and recovery techniques. 

“These two activities are important in implementing the MarExplore cruise which is planned to deploy sub surface and bottom mooring. In addition, the application of smart marine ecology observation (SMART Ecology Perception) was also being practiced during the activity,” Roy explained.

Roy further added that the purpose of this research visit was to solidify the readiness of the teams from both LPPM and FIO-MNR in carrying out all activities that have been outlined in the previous agreement in the form of; 1) Intelligent integrated ocean observation and data collection technology; 2) Coastal observation and marine expedition; 3) Indonesian tidal current forecast system. 

“With careful preparation, it is expected that this research collaboration activity can realize the desired goals,” he concluded.