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UNSOED Lecturer Becomes Visiting Lecturer at Nong Lam University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

[, Thu, 16 June 2022] UNSOED lecturers are increasingly recognized for their existence. This is very important for international recognition and relations as an effort to develop higher education in the future. Dr. Condro Wibowo, Lecturer at the Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, UNSOED, was again trusted as an invited lecturer at Nong Lam University, Vietnam. If previously Dr. Condro delivered lectures online because it was still pandemic, this year Dr. Condro can interact with his students directly.

The trust given by Nong Lam University to Dr. Condro to teach at the Advance Program on Food Technologist At the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology is shown. This is proven by Dr. Condro being appointed again to teach at NLU, even teaching two batches at the same time (DH18TP and DH19TP). "I was given the responsibility of teaching courses for two batchs because last year the course I taught was postponed because it couldn't be done online," he explained. The NLU apparently did not replace Dr. Condro with other lecturers, but instead waited for his willingness, this time to teach for two batches simultaneously.

As an invited lecturer, Dr. Condro must deliver learning materials that are in accordance with the syllabus, in the regular program the material is delivered for one semester. "Every day there are 4 face-to-face meetings and 90 minutes each, so in one day there are face-to-face meetings for 6 hours, so that all material for one semester can be delivered in 20 face-to-face meetings with a period of 30 hours," he said. In the process of studying, Dr. Condro conveyed that according to the standard (that should have been quite firm in the process), NLU students seemed enthusiastic and actually liked it. Even before returning to Indonesia, the students gave souvenirs and took photos together and took him to traditional Vietnamese restaurants as an expression of their gratitude.

Advance Program on Food Technology At NLU itself is a special international class program carried out using learning standards set by the University of California, Davis (US Davis) United States. In this program there are always foreign lecturers and students involved in the learning process. Initially all foreign lecturers came from UC Davis America and NLU lecturers who had received training for 3 months at UC Davis, then over time, several lecturers from Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Australia, Indonesia and other countries were selected based on their respective track records. Each lecturer and the results of discussions between the Advanced Education Program Nong Lam University and also UC Davis America. Usually, after two times becoming the Invited Lecturer, they will be replaced by other lecturers, but apparently Dr. Condro is still trusted to this day.

Currently, the Advanced Education Program on Food Technology has received accreditation from AUN QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance). This shows that the quality of learning at AEP Food Technology Nong Lam University has been recognized internationally. “This is a challenge, all materials must be delivered and keep students from feeling bored in participating in the learning process. In addition to the lecture process, they also carry out midterm exams, structured assignments and prepare for the final exam. These components are the basis for giving value to each student,” he said.

Dr. Condro expressed his impressions while teaching at the Advance Program on Food Technology at the Faculty of Food Science and Technology of Nong Lam University offline in 2022, the learning process runs in an orderly manner, the active role of students during lectures and the seriousness of students in carrying out structured tasks. In addition, students also gave a positive response to the lecture process carried out by Dr. Condro Wibowo, whether delivered directly or through written feedback.

Experience in activities and teaching in various international programs, Dr. Condro brings all his experiences in activities at UNSOED. To his students at UNSOED Dr. Condro hopes that they will also have high competitiveness. "With the provision of good abilities, and increasing fighting power, persistence, and enthusiasm for learning, our students will be able to compete in the international world," he said.