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UNSOED MIPA Students Gain Valuable Experience at UC Davis USA

[, Thu, 28/10/21] One of the important things that can be achieved while studying is various experiences. The Independent Learning-Independent Campus Program (MBKM) allows students to absorb an even wider experience. The Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) is a program that provides broad opportunities for Indonesian students to absorb valuable experiences from well-known campuses abroad. One of them is what happened to Terra Dei Alibazah, a student of the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNSOED.

Terra had the opportunity to take a semester at one of the leading campuses in the United States, namely the University of California Davis (UC Davis), USA. This is like a dream come true for Terra because she really harbors a desire to study in America. "I've always wanted to study in America, especially at one of the top universities like UC Davis," she explained.

Through this IISMA program, Terra revealed that she did not only absorb study experiences but also many other experiences. "With this program I can also learn new cultures, broader knowledge, complement soft skills and hard skills, as well as communication skills," she said.

Terra hopes that more UNSOED students will have the opportunity to take part in this IISMA. "The selection is indeed quite strict, but by trying, nothing is impossible," she explained. One of the important things that need to be prepared for students who plan to take part in the IISMA program is the ability to speak English. "In addition, it is also important to participate in activities that will support CV and soft skills such as participating in SEF UNSOED which gave me experience teaching TOEFL, being the coordinator of the Education Division, as well as connecting with alumni who have experience studying abroad so that getting various information from them will be very helpful especially in writing essays and answering interview questions,” she continued.

Through this program, Terra hopes that she can realize her dreams and can continue her further studies abroad. "I also hope that the IISMA program can run smoothly and will always be available for the next batch. Thus, it helps Indonesian students achieve their dreams of studying at prestigious universities in the world," she concluded.