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UNSOED Students at the MBKM Internship Program in Japan

[, Tue, 17/05/22] The Independent Learning – Independent Campus Program is a program launched by the Minister of Education and Culture with a goal to encourage students to be active outside the campus to make them more skilled and master various sciences in preparation to enter the world of work. Universitas Jenderal Soedirman/UNSOED took part in implementing the program in various activities. One of them is an internship program in Japan. A total of 39 UNSOED students took part in internships in Nagano and Hokkaido, Japan.

The internship program was carried out in collaboration between UNSOED, PT. Yonata Dewi Sejahtera, and LPK Kokorono Siji. According to Dr. Erwin R. Adli, chairman of the International Relationship Officer UNSOED, this program is offered to students from the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences. "The opportunity to get experience in companies that are in accordance with the scientific field really attracts the enthusiasm of students to register and take part in the selection," he said. Dr. Erwin added that this program begins with document selection, then interviews and continues with Japanese language training for 3 months.

A total of 17 students from the Faculty of Agriculture passed and participated in this program. The Agriculture student was placed in Kawakami-mura, Nagano, Japan with a focus on studying and working for an agricultural company producing lettuce and chicory. The activities carried out started from following the land processing process, land preparation, nursery, planting, care and maintenance, until harvesting and packaging.

In addition, as many as 22 UNSOED Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science students passed and participated in this program. The fishery and marine science students were placed in Hokkaido, Japan with a focus on studies and internships at hottate, starting from seed preparation to harvesting.

This activity provides an opportunity for students to gain working experience for 8-12 months which is of course in accordance with the field they have taken and to practice various theories they have learned during studies. The students are scattered in several companies in the same area, 2-3 students for one company.

Romanus Edi Prabowo, Ph.D as the person in charge of cooperation with companies in Japan hopes that students can learn the culture and work ethic of the companies they are placed in. The work culture that is nimble, loyal and efficient in Japan is able to bring Japan into a developed country. "This internship program to Japan is certainly very special for UNSOED because we are the first university that participated and implemented the program," he said.

One of the participants from the Agrotechnology department, Hilmi Ihza Rahman, in the opportunity to communicate via Video Call, said that he is very happy and excited to participate in this internship because it provides an experience to learn and gain skills hands-on in a work environment while learning Japanese culture. Hoping that after returning to Indonesia, we can apply what we learn. [ohr-fp]