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UNSOED Top 5 Winners of the 2022 Agincourt Resources Olympiad

[, Tue, 04/04/23] The Vermicullite Team of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) succeeded in gaining the achievements at the 2022 Agincourt Resources Olympiad (OlympiAR) in Yogyakarta. This event lasted for 3 months and the peak of the event was on Saturday (1/4).

This national-level Olympiad was held by PT Agincourt Resources with the theme "Mineral Discovery, Unearthing Sustainable Future". Dozens of students majoring in mining, geology, and engineering from various universities in Indonesia participated in this event. The Olympiad focused on mine plan, mine process, and post-mining.

The OlympiAR series was divided into three major rounds. From the 55 teams that registered, 20 teams made it through to the first round. In the second round or elimination, 14 teams competed to present the results of geological data validation, make lithology and alteration modeling, and make conceptual geology targets. Finally, five teams were selected to enter the final round. In this final round, the finalists validated data, analyzed exploration data, produced mineralization wireframes that correlated with geological data, and designed a proposed drilling plan and post-mining essay.

The champions in this OlympiAR were Undip's Magsite Team as the first winner, then followed by the ITB Sylvite Team and the Enargite Team from UPN Veteran Yogyakarta in second and third place. The fourth place went to Niccolite from ITB and the fifth place went to Vermicullite from Unsoed.