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Unsoed Will Launch Anti-drug Student Organization

[, Mon, 19/06/23] The rampant news of drug abuse by a few students on several colleges in this country, raises concern and attention from Unsoed leaders. Therefore, in the near future Unsoed will soon form and inaugurate the Anti-drug Student Organization.

The Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Norman Arie Prayogo S.Pi., M.Si, said that to realize this, his team has collaborated with various elements as an initial step in strengthening the formation of the anti-drug club.

"We are collaborating with BNN (National Narcotics Agency) to equip the students, who are candidates for Anti-drug organization committee, some knowledge about the danger of drugs, prevention efforts, socialization strategies to students and the UNSOED academic community, and others," he explained.

The debriefing itself was held on Friday (16/6) at the hall of BNNK Banyumas. The briefing was delivered directly by the Head of BNNK Banyumas Regency, M. Fierza Mucharom Nasution, M.Si., Psi, accompanied by the BNNK Banyumas Team. Meanwhile, the debriefing participants consisted of 11 Unsoed Student Representatives, who are the ambassadors of anti-drug organization.

The Vice Rector explained, the formation of this organization and anti-drug task force shows that UNSOED has a commitment to build the future of students to be free from drugs. "As we know, drugs are very dangerous because they can damage the future of the nation," he emphasized.

In addition, according to Norman, the establishment of Anti-Drug Organization can build soft skills and student character as an effort to gain academic and non-academic achievements in higher education. It is hoped that by establishing the anti-drugs organization and task force, UNSOED can better supervise students’ life on campus and lead its students to success.

"After being briefed by BNNK Banyumas, the Anti-Drug Organization will be launched on June 25, 2023," he concluded.