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UNSOED Wins Championships of the 2021 Diktiristek Award

[, Thurs, 13/01/22] Universitas Jenderal Soedirman won awards in the 2021 Diktiristek Award. Not only in one category, UNSOED managed to make achievements in four categories, namely being the first for Cooperation in the Management Category for Cooperation and Facilitation Reports Award, the first for the Public Relations Award in the ULT Category, the second for the Public Relations Award for the Website/Website Category, and the fifth for the Public Relations Award for the Social Media Category. The award was given at the 2021 Diktiristek Anugerah event which was held in the Hall of Building D, Ministry of Education and Culture, Research, and Technology, Thursday, January 13, 2022.

Representing UNSOED, Head of the Bureau of Planning, Cooperation, Information, and Public Relations, Setiyabudi, SE, MM received the award given directly by Plt. Director General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology Prof. Nizam. Four awards at the same time in the 2021 Diktiristek Award are a milestone for UNSOED which further proves UNSOED's work at the national level.

UNSOED Deputy Chancellor for Planning, Cooperation and Public Relations, Dr.Ir.V Prihananto, M.Si revealed that this award is an encouragement to work even better. "We express our gratitude for the trust given by the Anugrah Diktiristek Committee to Unsoed, especially in terms of managing cooperation and public relations, websites, social media, and integrated service units. This achievement, for us, is not only a form of recognition from the ministry, but also as an encouragement for us to continue to work even better in public relations performance and cooperation as a strategic element in higher education. Especially in the Merdeka Learning era at the Merdeka Campus, the functions of information services, public communication and collaborative management will greatly accelerate the implementation of MBKM," he explained. On this occasion, WR IV also gave his appreciation to all the teams involved. "We also express our appreciation to all managers of cooperation, information and public relations at Unsoed, as well as to continue to provide, convey and serve stakeholders as best as possible through various existing media," he concluded.