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Vaccination in the series of FK UNSOED Anniversary Activities Runs Smoothly

[, Mon, 06/09/21] Implementation of Covid-19 Vaccination Batch 2 on Saturday, September 4, 2021 at Graha Widyatama Unsoed ran smoothly. Head of the Vaccination Implementation Committee, Dr.dr. M.Rifqy Setyanto, Sp.M(K) revealed that the flow arrangement to anticipate vaccine participants (acceptors) who did not attend registration in time is successful. This FK Unsoed lecturer said that the vehicle entrance route was directed to the park behind the Auditorium to the Soemardjito building. "The entrance for our vaccine participants is divided into two, for vaccine participants who attend according to the time they are given a large place in the auditorium tribune, while participants who attend not at the time of the list are given a seat to wait," he explained.

The implementation of the vaccination was monitored smoothly and orderly and did not cause crowds. The implementation of vaccination is also coordinated with the Police, Local ORARI Banyumas Regency, and volunteers. The total number of acceptors served in batch 2 yesterday was 1,069 people. The implementation of this mass vaccination will continue with a target of 20,000 acceptors. The next vaccination schedule for the general public will be held following the availability of vaccines and registration will still be done through

This activity collaborates between the Unsoed Medical Faculty and the Unsoed Medical Faculty DWP, KA Unsoed, Banyumas local Orari, Banyumas Regency Government, and the Consortium Salim Group.