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Verification and Visitation of the Independent Campus Competition Program

[, Mon, 19/04/21] The Independent Campus Policy, which was launched by the Minister of Education and Culture, is one of the policies that will become the basic capital for the advancement of higher education in Indonesia. The Directorate General of Higher Education realized the target of achieving and implementing the Independent Campus policy through the Independent Campus Competition Program (PK-KM) with three schemes. This program is one of the ways that universities can apply to progress rapidly and dynamically following the progress of the times. Thus, good quality of learning and graduates can be achieved, and it can be a benchmark for the nation's progress.

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) entered the verification and online visitation stage for the Independent Campus Competition Program on Monday (19/4). The Rector, Vice Rectors, Deans (Faculty of Biology, Animal Science, and Social Sciences), Chairperson of the Institute, Chairperson of SPI, Head of Bureau, and team were present. Unsoed entered in League Two based on the number of students from the PD Dikti (Higher Education Database) data.

The PK-KM Review Team are Dr.dr. Atik Choirul Hidajah M.Kes, Dr.Ir Adil Basuki Ahza MS, and Dr. Forest Muhammad Alif KS, S.Hut., M.Si.

Visitation and verification include meetings with the university leaders, the Task Force, study program coordinators, and the persons in charge of ISS unit. Then, it was followed by meetings with the stakeholders, the representatives of non-Task-Force lecturers, the student representatives, the internal reviewers, and finally wrap-up.

Unsoed Rector, Prof.Dr.Ir. Suwarto MS, thanked the PK-KM reviewer team for taking their time, energy, and thoughts to attend in the context of verification and online visitation of PK-KM Unsoed. On this occasion, the Rector conveyed, among others, the commitment to implement MBKM (Freedom to Learn, Independent Campus), the relevance of the program to the excellence of higher education, program innovation and novelty, future study program selection process, and future outlook.

Unsoed had the track record of MBKM-related grants in 2020 in the form of grants for implementing MBKM curriculum collaboration for several study programs (Agrotechnology, Biology, Animal Science, Aquaculture, Japanese Literature, Economic Education, Civil Engineering, and Mathematics). Besides, law study program received International Credit Transfer Assistance Grants. In 2021, the grant will be in the form of CoE Grants for Agrotechnology Study Program, and MBKM Collaborative Grants for other study programs (Electrical Engineering, Agribusiness, Food Technology, Indonesian Language Education & Management).

The coordination of PKKM grant activities is carried out by LP3M including the functions of monitoring, evaluation, quality assurance, and program sustainability. Meanwhile, the monitoring and evaluation of financial administration is carried out by the Unsoed Internal Supervisory Unit.

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