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Vice Rector II of UNSOED for Academic Affairs attended the First Covid-19 Vaccination in Banyumas Regency

[, Mon, 25/01/2021] Vice Rector for General and Finance Affairs, Prof.Dr. Hibnu Nugroho, S.H., M.Hum., attended the first Covid-19 vaccination for Banyumas Regency, Monday, January 25, 2021. Covid-19 vaccination began with the first vaccination of ten people representing Regional Leaders, Forcompida, Health and Community Leaders, including representatives of academic figures. Vaccinations are carried out in the Wijayakusuma Room, Banyumas Hospital.

As an academic representative, Prof. Hibnu said that people need to get education that vaccines are not dangerous and are very important for everyone's health. "It feels good to get a vaccine and it's not dangerous. It makes us all healthy," he said. Before being vaccinated, Prof. Hibnu followed the screening process. "Before vaccination, there is a screening of the heart, blood sugar levels, and general health checks," he explained. The vaccination process went smoothly. "At the time of the injection, it felt like a regular injection and after that was asked to wait thirty minutes to be monitored," he explained. After thirty minutes there were no symptoms, the vaccination process was complete and participants were given a vaccine certificate. Furthermore Prof. Hibnu will be vaccinated again fourteen days later.

Prof. Hibnu advised the public, especially UNSOED residents, to stay healthy and be ready to support this vaccine program. "Before someone is vaccinated, their health condition will be checked. I hope we all maintain good health and pass the screening, then get the vaccine, "he explained. Prof. Hibnu also advised that the public needs to be open about their health condition before being vaccinated. "Those who feel sick or have a history of disease need to be open about their condition and do not insist on being vaccinated if they do not meet the qualifications," he explained. Prof. Hibnu hopes that Covid-19 will soon pass and the various affected sectors can recover soon.

Push forward, never give up! (AD)