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Visiting UNPAD, UNSOED Continues to Increase Public Relations and Cooperation Capacity

[, Sun, 5/12/21] Visiting UNPAD, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman continues to improve public relations and cooperation capacity. The visit to the UNSOED Cooperation and Public Relations Division led by the Head of the Cooperation, Information and Public Relations Planning Bureau (BPKIH) Mr. Setiyabudi, MM was received directly by the Head of the UNPAD Public Communication Office Dandi Supriadi, PhD, along with the staff of the Public Communication Office, Integrated Service Unit, and the Directorate Governance, Legal, and Communication at Bale Rucita Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor.

The Head of the UNPAD Public Communication Office, Mr. Dandi Supriadi, Ph.D. welcomed UNSOED’s visitation to UNPAD. "This means that the Unpad Public Communication Office has more responsibility in maintaining quality and being an example for other campuses," he said.

This visit is expected to provide additional experience so that UNSOED can get inspiration in institutional development, especially public relations activities.

The Head of BPKIH UNSOED, Mr. Setiyabudi, MM revealed that the purpose of this visit was primarily to gain knowledge, particularly related to increasing institutional capacity and human resources in the field of cooperation and public relations, including the Integrated Service Unit. This is done considering that UNPAD is one of the PTN with the status of a Legal Entity. "We are currently still a Public Service Agency and are trying to crawl (towards a Legal Entity PTN)," said Pak Budi.

Through this visit, there are several things that UNSOED wants to learn. “Starting from collaborative activities to managing public relations and university promotions. It is hoped that what Unpad has done can be studied and applied in accordance with the conditions at UNSOED,” he continued.

During this visit UNSOED asked various questions related to the management of public relations, cooperation, promotion, even ULT to the technical implementation. In addition, UNSOED had the opportunity to see each service room directly, one of which is the Integrated Service Unit which has 45 services with dozens of tables ready to serve one door. In addition, visits to Unpad radio, the PR production room, and the Cooperation room were also made.

This visit was very useful for UNSOED, especially as an inspiration for the development of cooperation, public relations, and promotions to improve services.

Attending this visit were the entire UNSOED Cooperation and Public Relations Team and the Development Team, namely Dr. Wisnu Widjanarko, M.Sc., MIPR.,CPR., Dr. Mite Setiansah, M.Si and Dr. Wiwik Novianti, M.Si