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Prof. Dr. Ing. R. Wahyu Widanarto

Encouraging Alternative Energy with Local Wisdom-Based Research

Prof. Dr. Ing. R. Wahyu Widanarto was born in Malang in November 1971. After completing his bachelor's degree in Physics at Brawijaya University, his master's degree in Instrumentation Physics at Bandung Institute of Technology, he then continued his doctoral program at Institut für Physik, Microsystemtechnik at Universität der Bundeswehr München. 

            Since 1998 Prof. Dr. Ing. R. Wahyu Widanarto has been a permanent lecturer at Universitas Jenderal Soedirman. During his service at Unsoed, he has conducted many researches with titles including "Improved Microwave Absorption Traits of Coconut Shells-derived Activated Carbon", "Bio-silica Incorporated Barium Ferrite Composites: Evaluation of Structure, Morphology, Magnetic, and Microwave Absorption Traits", "The Effects of Milling Time on Structure, Magnetic Properties and Microwave Absorption Capability of Strontium Lanthanum Ferrite Compounds", and "Neodymium Ions Activated Barium Ferrite Composites for Microwave X-band Absorber Applications: Synthesis and Characterizations".

            Inaugurated as a professor of Material Physics, Prof. Dr. Ing. R. Wahyu Widanarto raised a research theme on the development of magnetic composite materials used to absorb microwaves with a frequency of 8-12 gigahertz which are applied to avoid radar. "The development of current research includes developing carbon into graphene light which can be used as a supercapacitor," said Prof. Wahyu. Super capacitor is a tool to store alternative energy that can be used in addition to batteries. Coconut shell biomass is expected to store large energy with a short charging time. Coconut shell was chosen because it is in line with Unsoed's vision of becoming a center for rural resource development and local wisdom. Graphene that has been removed oxygen and hydrogen will be utilized as a supercapacitor.

            Prof. Wahyu is currently conducting research on optimizing coconut shell biomass in the development of supercapacitor prototypes made from graphene light. He has received many research grants including DRPM, BRIN, and BLU unsoed. In addition, his research with the theme "Nd3+-barium Ferrite Composite as a Microwave Absorber and its Manufacturing Process" has obtained IPR in 2018. On the sidelines of his teaching activities, Prof. Wahyu is active in the Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI) organization. This outstanding lecturer of Unsoed is also a reviewer in Productive Innovative Research funding (rispro), DRPM, and BLU. He is an editor at Indonesian Journal of Applied Physics, Teras Fisika, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Physica Scripta, Journal of Alloys and Compound, and Material Research Express.