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Prof. Dr. Suliyanto, SE, MM was inaugurated as Professor of Marketing Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), and is the 60th Professor of UNSOED.

In a very dynamic environmental condition, where the intensity of competition is getting tighter, market turbulence and technology turbulence are very fast, traditional adaptive marketing strategies such as relationship marketing are no longer sufficient to be relied upon in winning the competition, so there is a need for a more personalized and comprehensive adaptive marketing strategy, not just adjusting to the market and its competitors.

According to Prof. Suli, this more personal and comprehensive adaptive marketing strategy is called Mimicry Marketing Strategy (MMS), which is a way to win the competition and seize the market by adjusting physical and behavioral behavior both to the microenvironment (consumers, competitors, suppliers, intermediaries) and to the macro environment (competition intensity, market turbulence and technological turbulence). "Marketing is an art, so the successful application of Mimicry Marketing Strategy (MMS) is determined by the personality of the salesperson," he explained.

Never back down, never give up!