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International Student From Zimbabwe Earned Doctorate Degree at Unsoed

[, Sat, 09/09/23] A Zimbabwean university student, Janet Mamutse successfully defended her dissertation entitled "Genetic And Non-Genetic Factors That Affect The Reproduction Performance Of Saanen Goats At BBPTU-HPT Baturraden," at the open dissertation examination of the Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Fapet Unsoed) on Monday (7/9) which was held in a hybrid manner. The open examination was chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Triana Setyawardani, S.Pt, MP, IPU with promoter Prof. Dr. Ir. Datadewi Purwantini MS, IPU, and co-promoter Dr. Ir. Agus Susanto, M.Sc.agr., IPU.

The examiner team consisted of: Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M.Sc, agr, IPU, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mas Yedi Sumaryadi, MS, IPU. ASEAN. Eng. Dr. sc. Dr. agr. Ir. Yusuf Subagyo, MP, IPU, and external examiner Prof. Dr. agr. Ir. Asep Gunawan, S.Pt, M.Sc (Professor of IPB).

Janet Mamutse in her presentation conveyed that high milk production in Saanen goats is increasing, the selection of high milk yields results in a decrease in reproductive performance which ultimately results in a decrease in productivity and profitability of dairy goat production. Therefore, according to her, reproductive improvement is necessary for the performance of Saanen goats so as to increase milk production in industrial dairy goats.

Janet further explained the ways that can be used to improve reproductive traits including the selection on reproductive traits. To select a trait, it is important to determine the genetic and non-genetic factors that cause the phenotypic variation observed in the population. In addition, genetic markers can be used to select individuals with favorable reproductive markers.

After the promovendus presented his dissertation, the examination team asked various questions, taking turns each examiner was given the opportunity to ask questions for seven minutes.  When answering the examiners' questions, Janet was able to provide good answers according to the data and what had been researched.

The open examination entered the break time for the promovendus, while the examining team held a score recap meeting, which decided Janet Mamutse was declared "Passed" and entitled to hold a Doctor of Animal Husbandry degree. At the end of the open examination, Janet was given the opportunity to deliver her first speech after receiving her Doctor of Animal Science degree. Janet expressed her gratitude to the team of examiners, promoters, co-promoters, the coordinator of study program, and friends who have helped her during her time at Fapet Unsoed.

Janet also expressed her gratitude to her family in Zimbabwe, to mama, papa in Indonesia. Papa and mama are her host family while in Indonesia, namely Anto Jamil, a well-known batik businessman in the Banyumas area, especially Purwokerto.

Another heartwarming moment was when Janet said that if she had the chance to travel abroad, what country would she go to.  "The country I would go to would definitely be Indonesia," she said. Indonesia is a second home for me, because it is a country that has been a place to struggle, learn and mingle. It is the Indonesian people who make me feel like an Indonesian citizen, because Indonesians are very friendly, warm and easily accept other people they don't know, "said Janet ending her speech.

Meanwhile, Promoter Prof. Dattadewi said that Janet is a smart and communicative student. She is very fluent in communicating using English and also mastering Indonesian well. Janet is the first African student to earn a doctoral degree at Fapet Unsoed.