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The Team from Unsoed As the Finalist of Voice of Youth Challenge 2023

[, Mon, 27/11/23] The 'Unsoed Ngombe' team qualified to become 20 finalists from 180 teams participating in the Voice of Youth Challenge competition. The Voice of Youth competition was organized by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia in collaboration with Danone Indonesia. In the final stage, the 'Unsoed Ngombe' Team and other finalists were given support in the form of direct funding to implement the ideas and ideas that had been designed.

The 'Unsoed Ngombe' team consists of four Communication Science students from Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed), namely Febby Nur Fauzy, Amalia Pusparani Mustafa, Silvy Epriani Damanik, and Cahyaningsih.  They organized the "Unsoed Ngombe" campaign in order to raise awareness of the importance of body hydration for students. The campaign was held from November 1 to November 26, 2023.

"The first hydration awareness campaign in Unsoed presents various activities that educate and invite audiences directly to enliven the importance of hydration for the body," explained Cahyaningsih, one of the team members. In its continuity, #ngombedisitlur became a special tagline as a form of campaign support that continues to be echoed in the campaign.

By carrying out local wisdom using Ngapak language as its characteristic, the "Unsoed Ngombe" booth which was held at several points around Unsoed, managed to reach more than 400 visitors. This campaign also successfully collaborated with various events at Unsoed, including the Unsoed Job Fair, FISIP Anniversary Healthy Walk, and GOR Soesilo Soedarman.

Through its social media, the "Unsoed Ngombe" team managed to reach up to 12,000 audiences. Unsoed Ngombe also presents educational and interactive content which is of course still colored with the typical Ngapak language. In order to voice #ngombedisitlur on Instagram, the Unsoed Ngombe team held a Reels challenge with prizes totaling up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. It is hoped that the "Unsoed Ngombe" campaign will be able to increase the awareness of students and the campus community so as to create positive changes related to the importance of body hydration in the Universitas Jenderal Soedirman campus environment.