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UNSOED and FIO China Follow Up Cooperation

[, Fri, 15/03/24] Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed), held a meeting with the First Institute of Oceanography -Ministry of Natural Resources China, Thursday (14/03/24). The meeting, which took place in the Rector's Meeting Room on the third floor of the Unsoed Rectorate, was a follow-up to the MoU that had been signed previously.

The scope of the MoU includes the exchange of undergraduate and/or postgraduate students, staff exchange, joint research activities and publications, participation in seminars and academic meetings, and exchange of research materials.

Head of UPT International Services Unsoed, Prita Sari Dewi SP, M.Sc., Ph.D, said this activity was a concrete step to follow up on the cooperation that had been carried out late last year. She hopes this synergy can provide benefits for both parties.

Rector of Unsoed, Prof. Dr. Ir. Akhmad Sodiq M.Sc., Agr., IPU., ASEAN Eng., said this meeting not only signifies a commitment to collaborate, but also to improve research and development standards that are aligned with common aspirations and goals. The Rector looks forward to sharing ideas and discussing potential future collaborations between the two institutions.

At the meeting, the rector said Unsoed continues to expand its network with many overseas universities around the world including fellow universities in Asia, accept international students and scholars, and send students and lecturers to all corners of the world, including with fellow institutions from FIO.

"Unsoed and FIO have the same commitment, which is to strengthen the exchange of research and innovation not only domestically, but also at the global level. I hope the collaboration between Unsoed and FIO will be mutually beneficial for both parties and sustainable," said Rector.

In the discussion session, several opinions and inputs emerged, among others, about the potential for cooperation between FIO and UNSOED by sending students to carry out internships at FIO. In addition, there was also a suggestion to hold a joint workshop to get to know each other better and strengthen the relationship between UNSOED and FIO.

The FIO delegation consisted of Prof. Wei Zexun (Deputy Director General of First Institute of Oceanography/FIO), Dr. Li Li (Director of the International Cooperation Department FIO), Prof. Zhang Xuelei (Director of the Marine Ecology Research Center), Dr. Li Shujiang, Dr. Zhao Linlin, and Dr. Zhou Lin. Whereas, Unsoed delegation is the vice rectors, deans, LPPM, and other leaders were present.