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Unsoed Student Wins 3rd Place in LIP3D 2023 Event

[, Wed, 06/12/23] The student delegation of Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Unsoed) again won an award at the national level competition, namely at the 2nd Village Empowerment and Development Program Innovation Competition (LIP3D) 2023. This competition was held by Yogyakarta State University (UNY) on November 12-26, 2023. There were about 54 teams with various categories from various universities throughout Indonesia who participated in this LIP3D activity.

The Unsoed Delegation Team, chaired by Puji Astuti (Agrotechnology, 2022), consists of Jalalludin (Animal Husbandry, 2020), Dea Mudrikah (Biology, 2020), Uut Ela Triana (Food Technology, 2020), Aqilah Rahma Ardiningrum (Food Technology 2021), Fahmi Khairul Yusuf (Agrotechnology, 2021), Regita Ibdaul Khasanah P (Agrotechnology 2021), Vina Helmi Nur I (Mathematics 2021), Nurdila Haerani (Agribusiness 2022), Alif Ardandi (Agrotechnology 2022), Netika Alifiyah (Nutrition 2022, Puan Anindya (Nutrition 2022), Alfi Nuraeni (Pharmacy 2022), Khansa Naila Tsany C. P (Public Health, 2022) with the supervisor Mr. Afduha Nurus Syamsi, S.Pt., M.P. won the third place in the cultivation category.

Puji said that the LIP3D competition is a competition aimed at Students Organizations and focuses on developing ideas and innovations of students throughout Indonesia in order to help the development and development of villages.

"Through this LIP3D competition, we can train students' concern for the surrounding environment, especially in rural areas. In addition, this competition can also raise the spirit of students in carrying out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, one of which is community service," said Puji.

In this event, the Unsoed delegation carried an innovation with the title, "Griya Inovatif: Educated Youth Cadre to Increase the Potential of Etawa Goat Farming from Upstream to Downstream in Windujaya Village, Banyumas".

According to Puji, this idea was taken based on several main problems of the partners, namely the absence of a good management of the etawa goat farming system, the potential of etawa goat milk production that has not been optimized, and the utilization of etawa goat feces that has not been maximized.

Puji hopes that in the future there will be various activities that also focus on community development, especially rural communities, so that rural areas will continue to develop and become more and more attractive to students. The team would also like to thank the supervisor and various parties who have supported, so that this delegation team can get good results.