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UNSOED's Soedirman Robotic Team Performed at the 2023 National Level KRI

[, Rab, 05/07/23] UNSOED's Soedirman Robotic Team (SRT) performed optimally at the National Indonesian Robot Contest on June 21-25, 2023 at Semarang University. The SATRIA Team from Soedirman Robotic Team (SRT) was able to achieve the top 8 in the SAR Robot Contest Indonesia (KRSRI) competition division. Meanwhile, YUDISHTIRA Team was able to reach the top 16 in the Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI). This ranking is quite outstanding considering there was an increase from the previous year and especially in thematic robots that have been  participated for two times.

The 2023 National Level KRI consisted of 7 divisions joined by 136 teams from 50 universities in Indonesia. This activity is a prestigious event in the field of robotics in the country.

Chairman of SRT, Iqbal Pasha Ramadhan said that in KRI 2023 his team gained a lot of experience. "This year's KRI is different from the past 3 years, where we can compete offline with the opposing team so that it adds to the challenge for us. In addition, we can also gain more experience compared to competing online," he explained.

One of the supervisors of Soedirman Robotic Team, Ir. Yogi Ramadhani, S.T. M.Eng. added that winning and losing is not the ultimate goal.  Knowledge and new relationships are the main thing. "Thank you to the team for fighting and the supervisors for all the guidance to the Unsoed SRT team," he said.

The same thing was expressed by SRT Supervisor Ir. Priswanto, S.T. M.Eng. who expressed his support and hoped that next year could be better than this year as well as being able to bring the champion. "With the knowledge and experience gained this year, hopefully it can be a provision for SRT to be more advanced in the following years," he said.